Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rockin' the {Green}

And I ain't talking about golf green.

In our home we choose to use cloth diapers most of the time. For a variety of "green" reasons, one of those being money! After crunching the numbers, we came to the conclusion that cloth diapering is much more cost efficient than buying disposables for a family that has at least 2 kids in diapers and one in pull ups some nights. That's a lot of cash and a lot of trash! (especially for living on a little island!!)

We started out when Ellie was a newborn and we've been able to use the same cloth diapers for our now 3rd little cloth baby. Of course we've experimented with styles, matierials, AIO's covers, soakers.....we've done it all. But that isn't what this post is about........

I am a bit embarrassed to admit that after 4 years of cloth diapering I have never even heard of cloth diapering soap! My routine was to rinse, soak in Oxyclean to take care of stains, hot water wash with no soap (or a little Felsnaptha) and line dry. And that has worked really well, but there is a slight odor that comes out when the diaper is soiled.

So after doing some research I found Rockin Green. And let me tell you I love it! They were awesome to send me some free samples to try out so I am spreading the green love!

Here in Hawaii we have some very unique water conditions, lots and lots of minerals in the water that leave nasty rings in toilets and sinks and don't come off with CLR and other mineral cleaners. SO naturally our water is hard and on top of that DIFFICULT!

I tried 3 different washing routines with the Classic Rock formula as well as the Hard Rock formula and the results were amazing!

Trial One:
I soaked the diapers in hot water overnight in Classic Rock and Oxyclean, prewashed and washed in the morning with an extra rinse. After they were dried there were no odors or stains!

Trial Two:
I soaked the diapers in Oxyclean over night and washed the diapers the next day using the Classic Rock formula, still no odors or stains!

Then I toughened up. I thought we are really gonna try this...NO SOAK! (I always soak because little newborn poo tends to stain)

Trial Three:
I did a pre rinse in cold water, washed the load in hot water with Hard Rock (mmmmm watermelon) and did an extra cold rinse.......guess what???? NO STAINS and NO ODOR! Seriously I almost can't believe it except I 've closely examined and sniffed the diapers.

AND....the bonus was using the diapers after being washed, there was no odor when the diaper was soiled! None! Well, there was an odor....just not the same one I had noticed before. This is one very happy customer!

So I am going to place my very first order of Hard Rock diaper watermelon scent!


  1. I think its great you found such a good product....and it gave me a fit of the giggles when I imagined you sniffing the diaper. Knowing you as I do, its one of the last images in the world I could have envisioned had I tried. Motherhood certainly changes us in unexpected ways, doesnt it?

  2. Wow - that sounds like a great product. I {blush} have never used cloth diapers.

  3. Tiffany, they are worth a try if you are looking to save money {and the earth}! They take a little extra work (really only 2 extra laundry loads a week) and we line dry and save on that too! I love them, but you have to get over the poo factor a bit. I mean you change diapers anyway so ....Let me know if you want info!

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