Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sewing your own sling!

I know it seems like a lot of work, but I wanted to offer some sling tutorials to those who are interested in sewing their own sling but don't know where to get started!

First here are some links to different kinds of sling patterns!

Maya Wrap

Padded Sling

Sling a ma Bob (probably the easiest sling design to follow, the most similar to ours!)

Jan Andrea (EXCELLENT instructions with photos and drawings to help you make a sling!

Sewing slings are really an beginner project at it's finest! You are sewing a rectangle! No fancy edges or stitches to sew. If you can sew a straight line, you can sew a sling! Take a look at the different options above, if you would like to try your hand at sewing a sling, see my website for a kit! It inlcudes material as well as the rings that you need for the sling (they have to be specially ordered from Sling otherwise)

Thank you for all your kind words and compliments about us closing up shop for a while! Slings are going pretty quick. I may try and sew up some more that I have all the parts to laying around to move things as well as raise money for this family.

You know when you feel kinda helpless in a situation, you don't know quite how to help? Well I asked God what it was He wanted me to contribute to this adoption. Prayer I could do, really that requires nothing more than time right? But as the days went on I kept thinking about their burden to adopt, their obstacles in bringing their baby home, their passion to fulfill James 1 :27. And at first I felt guilty. I didn't have that same burden! I have 4 kids of my own and never dreamed about adopting or helping orphans anywhere! Then I started asking God what it was He wanted me to do, because I felt there was something there....but I didn't know what it was! A few sleepless nights and weird dreams later, I had my answer.

I had written and scheduled the post about closing up shop before this had even become a seed in my heart. I was sad to close doors, happy to have a chance to recover some of the money we had spent on materials and such. But it still felt incomplete. And then in the middle of the night, literally, I felt like God put the 2 of them together for me. Here was a chance I had to help. I pray now that God blesses what we have to give and helps Tiffany and Jim get a little closer to what they know to be God's will for them! I am excited to see what God has for them! And I feel like God has planted a bigger seed in me. One that for know remains a whisper and a secret. But something happened there in the middle of the night, something unexplainable....only God knows at this point where it ends and blooms, for now it remains watering what others are planting.

SO if you want to help Tiffany and Jim AND need a sling, sling kit or some Hawaiian Print Fat can visit the Keiki Kuddlerz website where 20% of your purchase will be donated directly to their fund to bring their baby home. If you don't need any of these I urge you to take james 1:27 literally and be a part of rescuing orphans. There is so much you can can start with prayer as I did and see what the Lord has for you! To donate directly to Tiffany and Jim visit Tiffany's blog and click on the upper right hand corner Chip In! EVERY cent counts towards helping save one of God's children!

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  1. Thanks Tia. I am still in shock over your generosity for our family.



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