Monday, July 19, 2010

Just for {U} Review and giveaway!

It's not common that something comes along for Hawaii customers only....but we are in luck! If you've been in Safeway lately you'll have noticed all the advertisement for their new program "Just for U". If you are like me you retrieve the coupons out of the newspaper each week as well as print some off of your own. Well most people get to the trimming and organizing of those coupons as well but honestly....I can't tell you how much printer ink and paper I've wasted on printing coupons! In the shuffle of things I usually forget to cut the coupons, leave them at home and then find them once they've expired! No lie! But Safeway's Just for U program changes all that!

Now you can "load" your Safeway card with all of those great printable manufacturer's coupons, print off a list of what you have (all on ONE sheet of paper!!!) and have all the coupons automatically deducted with NO extra work from you past putting the product in the cart!

On top of that great perk Safeway also looks at your purchasing history and offer's you personal deals based on what you buy!

There are rules and conditions you need to follow so you can check here for those.

I tried it out last week with the $50 giftcard provided by Safeway and it was great. It really was as quick and easy as it was advertised to be! And I didn't waste 15 sheets of paper and tons of printer ink. In fact I purchased items and had a fun fondue night with the family! If you'd like to win a $50 giftcard here's what you can do::

Leave a comment below telling me what you'd buy with the giftcard

Leave a status update on Face book about this giveaway

Sign up for Just for U!

Winner will be chosen on July 21!

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